6 - Adding Context II: To want, to need, to be like

To Want to Do Something

To express a desire to perform a specific verb, replace the infinitive ending 'an' with 'noai.' Also note, when using 'noai' to express a desire, the noun with the desire must be regarded in oblique, because the desire is felt by the noun (unlike in English, where the noun desires the target; in this case, the verb).

Some Examples

'Naaran' - Naarnoai

'Mukhe naarnoai - I want to see

'Achan' - Achnoai

Thukhe achnoai - You want to come

'Rakhan' - Rakhnoai

Mukhe hithe rakhnoai - I want to put it here

To Need (to Do) Something

To express a need, the word 'jeru' is used. The structure is as follows:

Oblique pronoun + needed object (or infinitive verb) + jaa jeru ai. Literally: I feel the need of.

Some Examples

Mukhe naaran ji jeru ai - I need to see

Inkhe paani ji jeru ai - She needs water

"Like" or "As"

To express that one thing is like something else, 'jeisa' or 'maafak' is placed immediately after the resembled noun (which comes immediately after the first noun.

Noun 1 (that resembles noun 2) + noun 2 + jeisa/maafak ai

Some Examples

Saara Raani jeisa ai - Saara is like Raani

Munjo <computer> thojo maafak ai - My computer is like yours

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