1 - To Be: I am, I was - you are, you were...


In Kutchi, there are 8 different pronouns to refer to yourself, other things, or other people.

'Au'- I

'Thu' - You (informal)

'Ain' - You (polite)

'Hi' - He/she/this

'Hu' - He/She/that

'Paa' - We (informal)

'Asaan' - We (polite)

'Lokaa' - They

To form a sentence explaining 'I am _____,' the word 'Ai' must be placed at the end of the sentence.

The sentence looks like this: Pronoun + adjective + ai

Some Examples

Au thikh ai - I am fine

Thu karaab ai - You are bad

Hi fukho ai - This is a bag

Hu chakli ai - That is a bird


The verb 'ai' behaves very irregularly, regarding tenses.

Past tense - 'Vaa'

Present tense - 'ai'

Future tense - 'Hunaa'

So to say something is, was, or will be, the word 'ai' must be replaced with either 'vaa' or 'hunaa.'

Some Examples

Au saaro vo - I was good

Hu karaab huno - That will be bad

Hu chakli vi? - Was that a bird?

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