5 - Adding Context I: Adjectives, making requests, possession

Describing an Object

To add a quality to an object, add the adjective immediately before the object.

Some Examples

'Thikho' - Thikho kenjo, spicy food

'Tandhi' - Tandhi paani, cold water

Making Requests

The simplest way to request that someone does something is to remove the infinitive ending 'an'

'Naaran' - Naar

'Achan' - Ach

'Rakhan' - Rakh

Some Examples

Mukhe naar - Look at me

Munjo baajo mei ach - Come beside me

Thojo kabaat mei rakh - Keep it in your cupboard


To indicate that something belongs to something else, add 'jaa' immediately before the possessed subject, right after the possessing noun.

'Munjaa' - My

'Thojaa' - Your (informal)

'Ainjaa' - Your (polite)

'Injaa' - His/Her/Its

'Unjaa' - His/Her/Their

'Paanjaa' - Our (informal)

'Asaanjaa' - Our (polite)

'Lokaajaa' - Their (plural)

Some Examples

Munjo paani ai - It's my water

Hi thoji chokri ai? - Is this your daughter?

Raaju jo kabaat mei naar - Look in Raaju's drawer

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