How do I read this word?

Because the project has been Romanized, the way a word is read is limited by the sounds available in the Roman alphabet. There are a number of sounds present in South Asian languages that are uncommon in English, and vice-versa. For instance, "wa" in English is rarely used in South Asian languages. Likewise, the nasalized "n" sound can only be closest expressed through the Roman alphabet using the letter "N." For more information, see the complete Pronounciation Guide

But that doesn't look right...

The perceived mistake may be due to the contribution of a Kutchi-speaker who has been influenced by a non-Kutchi language. For instance, East African Kutchi speakers often substitute Kutchi words with Swahili or Gujarati, to the extent that those words are almost accepted as Kutchi words. For more information on the variability of the Kutchi language, see the Accuracy Disclaimer. If you find a genuine error and you know how to fix it, Contact Us so we can continuously improve the integrity of this resource.

I can't find the word I'm looking for!

KLO is just a small snapshot of the Kutchi Language. If you know an important word that is missing, or if you're looking for a particular word, Contact Us.

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