Accuracy Disclaimer

Due to the cultural diversity of the Kutchi-speaking community, and the lack of formal information about the Kutchi language, the documentation posted on KLO is imperfect and should not be deemed 100% accurate. Instead, it should be used to aid the general understanding of the Kutchi language, enabling individuals to pair their backgrounds in the language with the documentation provided in order to synthesize theories that will be understood in their own respective communities.

During the compilation of this project, it was discovered that the Kutchi language is not completely uniform around the world and across communities. For instance, Kutchi spoken in Pakistan and Kutchi spoken in East Africa may express a variety of differences in vocabulary and syntax. This is likely due to the influence of more common languages over generations, including Swahili, Gujarati, Sindhi, and others.

The limitations of this project are a reflection of the lack of formal information currently available about the language, exemplifying the need for further research to be conducted.