About the Language

'Cutchi,' 'Kachi,' 'Kachchi,' or 'Kutchi,' is a South Asian language that originates from the Indian state of Gujarat, often considered a dialect of Gujarati or Sindhi. Initially, Kutchi was written in the Khojki script, but now, it is more often seen written in either Gujarati script (ગુજરાતી), or to a lesser extent, Devanagari script (देवनागरी). It is generally accepted that the language has approximately 866,000 speakers worldwide with the largest populations in South Asia and East Africa, although the language has spread as far as Europe and North America, as well.

About the Project

Kutchi Language Online (KLO) is a cultural retention project aimed at documenting the vocabulary and syntax of the Kutchi language. By developing a unified source of information, KLO has become a resource for those living in a minority context who wish to learn, relearn, or further investigate the nature of the Kutchi language, while maintaining their culture and heritage.

KLO is the first extensive, easily-accessible documentation of the Kutchi language, enabling it to contribute to the academic study of linguistics and South Asian languages. It is hoped that KLO will serve as a foundation for more research on the Kutchi language, inspiring others to further pursue the documentation and retention of this language.

For more information regarding the limitations of the project, see the Accuracy Disclaimer.